Before you go Further:了解如何准备UPSC采访的面试提示


你应该知道这些是什么,决定how to handle them. This list is far from exhaustive, but the areas the interviewers are looking to find out about your state are almost covered here. This is a from a good heart who shared it in Orkut.

历史: Ancient civilizations, Archaeological sites, medieval period, Modern period, Participation in freedom struggle, After independence till now, Famous personalities

Geography:Land reform and landscape, Climatic conditions, Rivers and canals of state, Soil types of state, Flora and fauna of state, Minerals and ores, recent incidents

Agriculture in State:农业统计,国家重要作物,乳制品,灌溉,园艺,畜牧业,渔业,合作运动,土地改革




Power scenario (energy) in state

Transportation network in state:道路(国家公路,州公路,其他统计),铁路(区域统计等),航空公司(国际,国内,军事等)


国有人口: Statistics – Total population, sex ratio, population density, decadal growth, literacy(M,F), District with highest/lowest population, District with highest /lowest decadal growth rate of population, District with max/least population density, District with highest/lowest sex ratio, District with maximum/minimum male/female literacy rates, percentage of urban population, district with highest/lowest urban population, population/sex ratio(0-6 age group), specific schemes related to population in state

Education in state:统计,国家大学,医学院在国家,国家学校教育委员会的研究中心,国家教育有关的具体计划

Public health in state:农村健康使命,城市健康使命,艾滋病控制计划在国家,特定计划与国家健康有关


Welfare schemes of state related: agriculture, industry, labour, health, education, women, girl child, old age, rural development

Districts: how many districts, districts of historical importance, tourist places, education hub, religious place

Capital: Read all information from wikipedia and government sites

行政建设: Name of lok sabha constituencies, list of governers, list of chief ministers, Panchayat raj system in the state


Famous spiritual places.


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