Section -A









(b)主要的颅面发生的变化是什么red during Hominid evolution ?Discuss.30

4.(a)State the theories regarding the origin of spoken language in human societies both from biological and cultural points of view.30

(b)Distinguish between the terms 'fecundity' and 'fertility'.Are the factors influencing them distinguishable ?Discuss.30

Section- B

5.Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each:15×4=60

(a)Culture of Homo eretus

(b)Social concept of disease

(c)Senescence and socio- economics in contemporary times

(d)Role of forensic anthropology in the field of personal identification

6.(a)What factors are responsible for bringing about variation in residence of different societies?Explain how kinship influences man's social life.30

(b)Critically examine the synthetic theory of human evolution.30

7.(a)What do you understand by the following terms ?

(i)Systemic sampling

(ii)Stratified sampling

(iii)Multistage sampling

For what kind of anthropological researches will you use each them and why ?30

(b)Chromosomal deletions and fluctuations may lead to gross abnormalities in man.Discuss with the help suitable example.30

8.(a)Why are Neanderthals called Premodern humans ?The Upper of their coexistence with modern man.Discuss.30

(b)Is Race a valid concept ?Critically assess the relevance of racial classification in the Indian context.30