“Neo-01” - 中国机器人原型清除空间碎片


The Chinese government has launched a robot prototype named ‘neo-01.“在低地轨道上通过它的长3月6日火箭。

About ‘NEO-01’:
  • neo-01.是由中国的空间挖掘启动“原点空间”开发的机器人原型。
  • 目标:The aim is to observe small celestial bodies in deep space and to experiment with a novel approach to clearing up space debris.
  • 去除空间碎片的方法: NEO-01 will use a大网捕获碎片left behind by other spacecraft. After collection, it will burn them using its electric propulsion system.
    • Electric Propulsion(EP)是一类空间推进。这种推进将利用电力来加速推进剂。这些技术可以从太阳源或核来源产生电能。
What is Space Debris?
  • Firstly, space debris是空间中的人类留下的任何机械或碎屑。
  • 其次,它可以参考to big objects such as dead satellites that have failed or been left in orbit at the end of their mission. It can also refer to smaller things, like bits of debris or paint flecks that have fallen off from a rocket.
  • Thirdly, space debrisis a threat to active satellites and spaceships as they pose the risk of collisions.