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2nd edition of India Innovation Index-2020

Why in News?

NITI Aayog以及竞争力研究所发布了印度创新指数-2020的第二版。


  • India Innovation Index:该指数的第一版于2019年10月推出。
  • The索引旨在提供一种有效的工具来跟踪两者的创新状态the国家和国家级。
  • Objectives:The index intends to accomplish the following three functions:
    • 跑k allSUnionT基于他们的索引分数的错误
    • Identifyinnovation related机会和挑战对于各国
    • 辅助M.odifying governmental policies to foster innovation.
  • Parameters:The指数通过“推动者”和创新产出为“性能”来衡量创新投入。
    • Enablers:There areFive Enabler pillars that capture elements of the state economy. They act as inpuTS为创新环境。它们是:人力资本,投资,知识工作者,商业环境,安全和法律环境。
    • Performance:描绘性能的两个性能支柱是:知识输出和知识扩散。
  • 王:该指数已分类为SUnionT意识到三类:主要州;网站和山区;和ut和城市状态。这些地区基于该地区分类,因为跨州的空间均匀性使得a公平比较for innovative capacity.


  • 竞争力水平:该指数发现竞争程度之间的竞争程度SUnionT错误是高的这个competitivenessis essential for improving上their enabling factors as well asinnovation performance.
  • 主要国家:卡纳塔克邦继续占据最高职位,然后占据马哈拉施特拉,泰米尔纳德邦,Telangana,喀拉拉邦,哈里亚纳邦,安得拉邦,古吉拉特邦,北方邦和旁遮普邦。
  • UT and CityStates:德里留下了在此类别中的第一个等级,然后是Chandigarh。
  • 东北/山山国家类别:Himachal Pradesh在这个类别中占据了这一类的索引,然后是Uttarakhand。


  • The index is a major step towards measuring innovation outcomes of states它将facilitate国家和国家机制的最佳利用实现'atma的目标NirbharBharat'。
  • 该指数可以帮助中部和S泰特政府基准区域绩效关于innovation建议spolicy决定需要改善关于优势overcome the weak areas of the states



Why in News?



  • 国家启动咨询委员会:它was constituted by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) in January,2020.
  • Objective:这个is to建议政府对所需的措施ILD A强startup生态系统。The ecosystem will培育该国的创新与初创公司它将推动可持续的经济增长,产生大规模的就业机会。
  • Composition:
    • Chairman:商业与工业部长。
    • Convener of the Council:Joint Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.
    • Ex-officio Members:有关部门/部门的被提名人/Organizations不低于联合秘书的等级。
    • 非官方成员to be nominated by the Government from各类类别
  • Founders of successful startups
  • Veterans who have grown and scaled companies in India
  • P能够将投资者的利益代表到初创公司等。
  • 非官方成员的期限将是两年的y耳朵或直到进一步的订单,以较早者为准。


Indian star tortoises

Why in News:

Indian star tortoises have been seized by the Forest officials while being smuggled from Andhra Pradesh to Odisha.




  • 印度星龟(Geocheloneelegans):它是在干燥区域发现的乌龟和磨砂林sIndia, P阿克斯坦和斯里兰卡。它is accustomed to monsoon seasons.
  • 这些tortoises are easily recognizable by their star-patterned shells.
  • IUCN Status:脆弱
  • 野生寿命保护法1972年:Schedule IV
  • CITES:附录一
  • Threats:它是最具没收的淡水乌龟种类世界。它faces threats such as loss of habitat to agriculture and illegal harvesting for the pet trade.


DPIIT launches regulatory compliance portal

Why in News?



  • Objective:门户是旨在最大限度地减少企业和公民的监管负担。为此,我t作为公民,行业和政府之间的桥梁将also act as a first-of-its-kind central online repository of all Central and State-level compliances.
  • 主要特征:
    • All Central MinistrieS和状态/ UTS将合理化并简化IR.regulatory流程并删除繁琐均匀
    • All such changes将被捕获updated上the Regulatory Compliance Portal.
    • Industry stakeholders would also be able to submit compliances and proposed建议。这个将通过涉及的政府管理局进行评估,并将进行合适的行动,以尽量减少r自我遵守的负担。
  • 节点部门:DPIIT will act as the nodal department for coordinating the exercise of minimizing regulatory compliance burden for citizens and businesses.



Why in News?

SC has appointed aCentral Empowered Committee(CEC)to look into sand mining in Rajasthan。小组hassubmitted its report


  • 背景:二月里2020, Central Empowered Committee(CEC)was appointed by SC. Its mandate wasto look into illegal sand mining in Rajasthan and submit a report suggesting measures to deal with it.

What are the recommendations given by the committee?

  • 它has recommended imposing a fine of Rs 10 lakh per vehicle and Rs 5 lakh per cubic meter of sand seized.
  • 有没有说没有unregisteredtractorshould使用作为商用车to运输s和from the mining网站到过境仓库。
  • 它也推荐了
    • Termination of all thekhatedarileases located within 5 km from the riverbank,where violations are detected
    • The s超额皇室收集合同制度的牵引。


  • Sand Mining:这是一项关于从包括河流,溪流和湖泊的前院实际去除沙子的过程的活动。
  • 沙坑调节:
    • Sand is a minor mineral, as defined under section 3 of the Mines and Mi1957年(MMDR法案)的行程(发展和监管)法案。
    • Section 15 of the MMDR Act empowers state governments to make rules for regulating the grant of mineral concessions in respect of minor minerals and for purposes connected therewith.
    • Section 23C of the Act empowers state governments to frame rules to prevent illegal mining, transportation and storage of minerals and for purposes connected therewith.
    • The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has issued Sustainable Sand MininG管理指南,2016年互外的,解决了与沙坑调节有关的问题。


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